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5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes

In a recent post we discussed 5 Steps to improve your Facebook presence.  In this post we will discuss 5 things to avoid. 1) Hurting the brand Your a professional buisness and your Facebook posts should reflect that.  While you

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Facebook Marketing in 5 steps

So you want to reach more people with Facebook?  Let’s breakdown what you can do to make yourself successful. 1) Identify Goals Most clients I see have a social presence, but it is in complete disarray.  When asked what they

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Analytics 101: Hits, Pageviews & Visits

What is a hit? How is different than a page view? What constitutes a visit? Let’s will explore the definition of these basic building blocks of web analytics, and also explore how these basic metrics misbehave, causing misleading data and

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Installing Basic Google Analytics Tags

Installing Basic Google Analytics on your site takes only a few minutes. Lets take a look at what is involved. Create an account If you have yet to create an account, read Creating a Google Analytics Account. It is worth

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Gregory Moore, founder of Uptick Analytics, is a data scientist and analytics guru. With a Ph.D. in the fields of optimization and data mining, he is passionate about finding actionable insights for better performance.

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